About Us


8street - The inspiration and the strongest reason to act and to create this store is my cutie, Mercedes (French bulldog), who unexpectedly became ill with brain cancer. I remember that day very clearly, it was early morning when she suddenly jumped out of bed as if someone pinched her, then she fell on the floor and her body started to shiver and the saliva was flowing out of her mouth – yeah, it was epilepsy. Then I did not realize that it was something serious, the vet said it could be a symptom of overheating. Actually it was very scorchingly this year, however, the possible cause could be different. The reason is that epilepsy is usually the result of the disease, not a disease. I did some tests including resonance, cerebrospinal fluid collection and ... and the diagnosis was devastating – it was cancer, a glioma - the worst of the worst. Histopathological examination proves that the same glioma can occur both in humans and animals. The doctors told me she had only 4 - 8 months to live. Twelve months elapsed since then and she is still alive, she is still with me and she still wants to have fun and still loves me. She is beside me when I fall asleep and I wake up next to her. These are the most wonderful moments and every day is like the celebration of her life. My life has changed. After her illness I have changed as I used to be a person who usually ignored the great power of reality, living under a glass umbrella, thinking that nothing wrong can happen. Suddenly I realized that we should enjoy every second because tomorrow does not exist.